We've opened the translation process up to the community because you know best how Modding Legacy should be translated into your language. Please participate as much as you like in translating, voting, and discussion with your fellow translators.

Blue Skies

Project Words
#326077 Localization
2,217 Last update: Jul 13, 20:54


Project Words
#326079 Localization
522 Last update: Aug 22, 15:54


Project Words
#326081 Localization
54 Last update: 4 months ago

Aether Legacy

Project Words
#333629 Lost Content
65 Last update: Aug 20, 19:48

Good Nights Sleep

Project Words
#330935 Localization
357 Last update: Aug 11, 22:19


Project Words
#337433 Others
130 Last update: Aug 22, 03:27

The Farlanders

Project Words
#343056 Localization
270 Last update: Aug 23, 00:02

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